Monday, June 18, 2007

The Andrew McCarthy Theory

Mention the name Andrew McCarthy in unsophisticated circles and you may hear some snickers. His solid run of melodramatic 80s teen dramas came to end after making some seemingly poor choices to star in "Mannequin" and "Weekend at Bernie's". However I believe that, much like Harry S. Truman, history will vindicate Mr. McCarthy for his unpopular decisions.
No actor has ever played two more diverse roles than McCarthy did in "Mannequin" (as Jonathan) and "Weekend at Bernie's" (as Larry). Skeptics, hold your laughter. In "Mannequin", Jonathan is forced to make believe that Kim Cattrall's character, who he knows is alive, is dead. In "Weekend at Bernie's", Larry has to pretend that Bernie Lomax's dead body is actually alive.
By definition, you couldn't be involved in two more polar opposite scenarios. The pro that he is, McCarthy manages to pull off both character's swimmingly. The great ones always make it look easy.


Jimer said...

Ah yes, I remember those days. Andrew McCarthy's success prompted rampant fear that he would run away with every teen choice award. Known in sofisticated circles as the the third red scare.

Bonnie said...

Andrew McCarthy was my dreamy when I was younger. He is talented, handsom and missed. I always wanted him to marry me but I met my own Mr. McCarthy. Andrew has great sensitivity on screen, dreamy eyes and a very good actor. He is missed very much. I wish he would make more movies.