Monday, June 18, 2007

The People Have Spoken

I'm sorry, but I'm obsessed with Wallace Matthews. A few days ago I posted an article he wrote lambasting Arod for no good reason. Well thankfully I am not alone in my Matthews hatred. Readers are unabashedly bashing Matthews on the Newsday sports section comment board and for good reason. Hopefully the editors take note and send him packing, so that he can go write for a church newsletter, where he can rip into an alterboy of his choosing on a biweekly basis.

Part of me will be sad when Matthews is fired because I do get some enjoyment from reading his articles. I like that I know for a fact that I'm much smarter than somebody else on Earth. Plus it's so rare that I actually care about anything, so it's nice to feel any emotion at all even if it is disdain. Yet, it's frustrating that someone who doesn't understand that basic principles of causation and correlation and who has a 4th grade writing level is paid good money to watch and opine on sports. There are so many people more deserving of his job. It's a shame that someone has to toil away following the high school sports beat for a shit paper while he figures out a way to work an Arod pot shot into a column about Martin Brodeur.

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Livia said...

Its all one big nothing.