Thursday, June 21, 2007

Joe Henderson = Total Square

Apparently Tampa Bay sports journalist Joe Henderson does not find Elijah Dukes nearly as amusing as we do over here. In his most recent article he argues that the Devil Rays should cut ties with their troubled outfielder. I'm not going to lambaste him on his main point because maybe the guy does need a change of scenery, but I will take him to task on his lame attempt at humor. Here is an uproariously hilarious excerpt from his article:

"If the Rays haven't released him by the time you read this, or at least traded him to the Cincinnati Bengals, then why not?"

Oh wow, a Bengals joke. That's fresh and original. At least when I make a Bengals joke I know it's lame and played out, so I follow the punchline with a "Ba dump bump." This Henderson guy however obviously thinks this is gangbusters material. I haven't seen comedic writing this awful since every episode of "The Parkers."

This leads me to my main point which is I believe that every sports section should have an humor editor to stop writers from making corny, trite, and cliched jokes. I'm sure sports writers have never been funny, but now that my humor taste buds have fully matured, I'm much more attuned to the hack jokes being churned out on their typewriters and it seems like bad one-liners in columns are a pandemic. May be that explains why Bill Simmons rose to such fame and sports blogs are increasing popular and relevant. People, especially those in younger demographics, are just tired of reading droll, alarmist, humorless shit. However, these aforementioned journalists do provide good fodder for posts like these and without them my favorite site Fire Joe Morgan wouldn't exist, so maybe they serve a purpose. After all, if there are no dorks in the world how would people know if they are cool.

Oh and here is the Henderson article.

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jimer said...

"After all if there are no dorks in the world how would people know if they are cool."

Well said.