Monday, June 4, 2007

Mad Dog Russo Does Not Like People Who Work Hard At Their Jobs

I was just listening to Mike and the Mad Dog and they were talking about Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson. They were speaking highly of Peterson's ability to make reclamation projects such as Oliver Perez and Jorge Sosa into effective major league pitchers. So far so good, I'm in agreement with them. Then Dog goes onto to say (several times) that he hates to lavish such praise onto Peterson because Peterson treats his job like a he is a scientist. (Note: Peterson is known for using extensive video and computer analysis to work on pitching mechanics.) Isn't that exactly what you want from your pitching coach? I would much rather have a pitching coach that views pitching mechanics as a science and uses all available technology to analyze a delivery, than one who shuns technology and goes simply by his eyes and his gut. Granted Peterson can be aloof and pretentious and if Dog had berated Peterson for being either I would not take exception with him, but to undermine the guy for doing his job as efficiently and effectively as possible is downright idiotic.

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Randy Moss said...

You should really relax, Mike. Take a few commercial breaks and pontificate when you feel like it. Dont work yourself out of a job.