Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Rowdy" Roddy Beck Dead

In the sports (or sports entertainment) world, I thought only wrestlers passed away at the age of 38. However, Rod Beck has proven that any athlete that even resembles a professional wrestler is risking an early grave.
This is probably not a great time to mention it, but this guy always irritated the shit out of me. I didn't hate him in an "Oh, no! Not this guy! Might as well change the channel, because this guy is lights out!"way. In fact, aside from a few years early in his career, he was pretty hittable. I would welcome the opportunity to face him in a big spot.
I just hated everything about this guy. I hated his stupid look; the mullet, the fu manchu, the gut. Worse still, I hated how every announcer and analyst looked at the same ridiculous visage that I loathed and said "Now that's the face of a closer". No, that was the face of an asshole. The fact that he pitched ninth innings of baseball games, with modest success after 1994, had nothing to do with his sloppily groomed head.
The only thing that saddens me about his death is that I have to be reminded of this shithead one more time.


jimer said...

Brutal honesty. I love it. Once again, well done, Tremont.

POD said...


Daniel said...

Great post! I especially liked the way you criticized Rod Beck's look the day after he died - nothing cheap about that.