Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Benoit Update

Well, looks like the alternate theory was wrong and the original theory of the Benoit murder is correct. This all just really sucks on many levels. Atlanta police have released the text messages that Benoit sent which lead the WWE to call them. Click here for the text messages. Another disturbing part of this story is that their 7 yr old son was found with needle marks in his arm as he was apparently being administered with HGH because his parents thought he was undersized.

Mini-rant: The media is trying to make this into a 'roid rage story, which does not seem to ring true based on the facts that have been released. My understanding of 'roid rage is that something will set someone off leading to an immediate violent reaction. While the circumstances of Benoit killing his wife are not known, all reports are that he suffocated his son the day after killing Nancy. The time lag between the killings means that the act took premediation and thought on the part of Benoit, which weighs against 'roid rage. Plus there are reports that the relationship between Benoit and his wife was extremely rocky over the past several weeks and there was a history of violence in the home- Nancy called the police on Chris back in 2003, but later relented on the allegations. Now if you want to make an argument that long term steroid use can produce psychotic or sociopathic effects on the brain then go gather the evidence, but this tragedy should not be turned into some steroid witch hunt.

(Thanks to Jimer for the link)

[Update: According to the 411mania newsboard an unconfirmed report states that Benoit's child may have suffered from Fragile X syndrome while may explain why he was being injected with human growth hormone. Also a doctor noted that long term steroid use can lead to depression which may have contributed to Benoit's heinous actions.]

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