Friday, June 8, 2007

Its official: the NBA can't get out of its own way.

Just when you thought Lebron James would help the NBA make a John Travolta-esque comeback, bringing the casual fan back into the fold, its looking more like Warrant's "Dog Eat Dog" tour. We were expecting the continued emergence of the 21st century MJ, but Lebron looked more like the guy playing AGAINST Teen Wolf than the other way around. What we had was a non-competitive contest, and a very low-scoring affair, exactly what no one wants.

People are sick of the Spurs. Or even worse, bored stiff of them. They're whiny, and, at times, dull. Tim Duncan is arguably the best player of the past decade, but generates NO interest from casual fans. Lebron probably does.

At least the NBA has it together when it comes to one thing - scheduling. There's no better time to have game 2 than Sunday night, against the final episode EVER of the Sopranos. Why would anyone want to watch a game Saturday night, or Sunday afternoon, or even Sunday at 6? People want to skip watching the most popular cable show in history to watch Spurs/Cavs. And i'm sure most people agree that they love watching games until midnight or later on weeknights, even though they can easily be put on earlier in the evening. This is what people want - they want to be exhausted the next day for work.

I still love watching you, basketball. I'll be there for the rest of the series, (except game 2, why in the world would anyone watch freakin' game 2?). Lets hope things improve, because Lebron has the key to the future.


Scott Pollard said...

why a picture of me-what did I do?

nocedog said...

I don't know, you just make me chuckle.