Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Welcome to Shoot Your Hopes and Dreams

Welcome to the newly created blog, Shoot Your Hopes and Dreams. This is of course the phrase Mr. Belding yelled to Slater at the end of a Bayside Tigers basketball game. By the time a dumbfounded Slater realized that Belding meant to shoot the ball, the buzzer had sounded and the game was over.
We here at Shoot Your Hopes and Dreams are joining the already saturated landscape of sports commentary blogs. One day we hope to capture the "mainstream" success of Deadspin, the fervent cult following FireJoeMorgan, or even the media ire of The Big Lead, but for now we start with humble beginnings. We will hopefully bring you semi-witty sports analysis and commentary at a semi-regular rate. I (Mookie) am currently unemployed so I will try to post often, but I am also incredibly lazy, so we shall see. The other writers have jobs, but I'm sure this blog will prove a good diversion from actually doing work.
We have no real mission statement. We will not focus on any particular sport or any particular aspect of sports. This blog will serve as a stream of consciousness sounding board of ideas, both inane and pseudo-profound. Hopefully one day espn.com or a similar media conglomerate will gobble us up so that we can get paid. We have no problem with selling out. Enjoy the blog!


Kimmie said...

Congrats mooks! looks totes deets so far.

Jenjamin said...

This is kind of ridiculous, actually, when you think about it, beacause first of all, at such a crucial juncture in the game you would assume the crowd would be making a lot of noise, thus it's doubtful Slater would have distinctly heard Belding's voice. Second, a player would never just stop in the middle of a play, turn and look towards the stands, and then stop to reflect on a comment being made. What did Slater do, stop dribbling, turn around, look at Belding, and then pause to think about what he meant? -From a comment on tv.com