Monday, April 23, 2007

What is This Bat for Again?

Pittsburgh Pirates top offseason acquisition Adam LaRoche finally had a positive impact on a game yesterday smacking his third home run of the season. His 1-4 performance skyrocketed his average to a blistering .105. At this point the Mendoza line is just a mirage for the first base slugger. If history is any sign, LaRoche's home run yesterday is not good news for the Buccos. He followed up his two previous home runs this year with 0-15 and 0-10 performances respectively. This can't make the Mets happy as the Pirates were undoubtedly planning on trading LaRoche away in August for some minor leaguer who they think will be the next Kevin Elster.


daddy said...

Nevermind LaRoche
Buccos should call the Mallers
Trade for Sven Hunkstrom

(Wait, where am I?)

Anonymous said...

Question? Did Derek Bell have a better April then LaRoche?