Saturday, April 28, 2007

Live Draft Blog pt. 2

Browns on the clock.

(12:34 p.m.): Nashty points out that many WVU cornerbacks will be involved in the draft today. None will be selected, but many will be included in highlight reels of wide receivers.

(12:36 p.m.): Fatty and I both agree that someone needs to hire Ron Jaworski as a head coach. There is no way he can't break down a defense better than Jack Del Rio.

(12:39 p.m.): Our first player interview of the day. Calvin Johnson seems pretty nice and intelligent. This is a crushing development to draft bloggers worldwide.

Browns select Joe Thomas OL/Wisconsin. Bucs on the clock.

(12:43 p.m.): Brady Quinn looks like he just got kicked in the junk after that pick. The crowd immediately started a "Cleveland Sucks" chant. Offensive linemen get no respect.

(12:45 p.m.): We all agree that there will be some sort of trade by the Bucs here. Nashty lets us know that if the Bucs pick Amobi Okoye he will be jumping into Tampa Bay with bricks tied to his ankles.

(12:46 p.m.): Sal Paolantonio lets us know that the Bucs recently signed Phil Simms. Fatty is outraged as he feels Phil is way past his prime.

(12:47 p.m.): Chris Mortensen tells us that Jon Gruden may select Quinn because he sent him a picture of himself in only his shorts. Chris Mortensen's sexual preference is the hot topic of conversation around the SYHD war room right now.

(12:50 p.m.): Nashty jokes that the Bucs may trade the #4 pick to the Bills for the #14 pick and full frontal photos of J.P. Losman.

(12:51 p.m.): Fatty is appalled by Keyshawn Johnson's unsolicited bashing of Chris Weinke. Fatty has referred to him as "Queershawn". GLAAD would not be pleased with our tolerance of alternative lifestyles right now.

Bucs select Gaines Adams DE/Clemson. Cardinals on the clock.

(12:55 p.m.): Everyone, including Mel Kiper agrees that there will be some sort of trade between the Bucs and Lions coming up. If not, maybe Joe Thomas can swing by Tampa Bay and fish Nashty's lifeless body from the bottom of the bay.

(1:00 p.m.): All of us are vexed and extremely pleased at the lack of Stuart Scott today. I am guessing that ESPN paid the Schwab to tie up Stu and sit on him in some broom closet all day.

Cardinal select Levi Brown OL/Penn State. Redskins on the clock.

(stay tuned for part 3 in about an hour)

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