Saturday, April 28, 2007

NFL Draft Part 7

(4:23) Brady Quinn has to somehow act like he is excited about moving to the city affectionately known as the mistake by the lake. Browns fans are so excited that they are about to set Lake Erie on fire.

(4:27) Jaws gives a rather homoerotic break down of Brady Quinn film

(4:35) AK616 came up with this beauty: Looks like this Brady came to term late

(4:47) Bill Belichick selects....his 40 year old married secretary...just kidding. The Pats take Miami S Brandon Meriweather
Greg Ostertag wonders how he slipped past the Bengals
AK616: Meriweather will def have a brawl playing for the Patriots

(4:54) If the Panthers select Jarrett, will Keyshawn be happy for the fellow Trojan or rip Mel Kiper's hair piece off?

(4:56) Panthers select Miami LB Jon Beason. Keyshawn takes a sigh of relief. I really hope they draft Steve Smith in the second round though. How cool would it be to have two receivers with the same name?

(4:59) Greg Ostertag: Philly on the clock. The Rocky theme is playing and whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Suddenly the music stops and we find out the Eagles traded their pick to Dallas.

(5:14) Johnny Dakota: Is Berman rocking a hypercolor tie? The consensus is that he must have spilled some pastry filling onto it.

(5:21) When the Saints come Meachem in. New Orleans pick the Tennessee receiver.
Johnny Dakota: With how bad their defense was last year, this pick was a real Reach-um

(5:38) 49'ers trade for the Pats pick and select Central Michigan OL Joe Staley. Greg Ostertag quipped: Staley is like a poor man's Joe Thomas. He should have went duck hunting today.

(5:41) It is our general consensus that out of all the live draft blogs that Shanoff linked to, we are second best. There is no shame in finishing runner-up to Deadspin.

(5:46) Fat Dizzle has this scoop: Word on the street is that the Jets are looking at Rutthead for their next pick

(5:54) Wow Greg Olsen's chick is really really hot.

(5:59) The Chargers draft Craig Davis. Nashty's take: It's always nice when you can get third round talent at the end of round 1

(6:01) Johnny Dakota: Keyshawn just said they didn't have schemes when he was in college. What does that mean? They drew up plays in the sand? No wonder Pete Carroll looks like a genius.

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