Friday, April 20, 2007

Pete Rose Weekend Gambling Tips

*Note* (The Cavs line is now at 11.5)

Dear Fellow Gamblers,

Hey guys, Charlie Hustle here. This is a big weekend for gambling so let's get down to business.

Saturday: I like the Nets getting 4.5 points at the Raptors. Richard Jefferson is getting healthy and a surprising Mikki Moore should be able to contain Chris Bosh. Furthermore, I see a big Game 1 performance from Vince Carter against his old team.

Sunday: The Cavs are a shoe in, giving only 7 at home to the Wizards. The Wizards look alot like my nephew's AAU team at this point. Expect a big game from Sasha Pavlovic. (*As a bonus tip, I like the Beauty Queens to be eliminated from The Amazing Race: All Stars Edition. They are just too catty.*)

Tonight: As always, I like the Reds tonight. I don't know who is pitching or who they are playing, but I do know that I will be placing a dime on them. GO BIG RED MACHINE.

Who's Better Than Us?



A. Bartlett Giammati said...

I knew it!

Pete's Degenerate Lackey said...


p.s. I miss you, man.