Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kiper vs. Hundley (Tremont's Take)

The Case for Hundley
  • Athletes (even former athletes) are far cooler than the guys that cover them
  • Spent career in New York, LA, and Chicago as a rich, famous, handsome, athletic millionaire
  • 2nd generation athlete, so he probably had the coolest dad in school
  • Still has a piece of history as co-holder of the record for most HRs by a catcher in a season
  • Does not have to spend endless hours watching film of some unknown DT from Savannah State on the off chance that some team takes a 7th round flier on him

The Case for Kiper

  • THE GUY in his field. Hundley never was.
  • Never had to squat for half a game, wearing catcher's equipment, on a July day in Atlanta
  • His career doesn't involve the guarantee of constant nagging injuries
  • He can ply his trade for as long as he can maintain his sensibilities
  • No rumors about alcoholism

A little closer than I thought at first glance, but I still think Hundley wins fairly decisively.

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