Sunday, April 22, 2007

Big Day of Hoops

If you're anything like me or Joey Crawford you have nothing better to do today than sit back and enjoy 12 straight hours of playoff basketball. What better way to get pumped up for a full day of bball than watching the greatest intro to a sporting event ever ? (easily on of John Tesh's top 15 compositions). A few quick predicitions for today:

Cleveland 98 Washington 82-anytime the phrases "Michael Ruffin" and "significant playoff minutes" appear in the same sentence, it is probably safe to go ahead and reserve those May 5th tee times.

Phoenix 121 LA Lakers 102-this series will be Kobe's biggest embarrassment outside of the state of Colorado.

Denver 98 San Antonio 97-if there is a god Poppovich and the whiners will be 1 and done this year.

Dallas 110 Golden St. 106-Look for a big day from Germany's favorite son (David Hasslehoff notwithstanding).

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