Saturday, April 28, 2007

Live Draft Blog pt. 6

Giants on the clock.

(3:55 p.m.): Mookie is rooting for the Giants to pick Greg Olsen and go with the two tight end offensive scheme. This would make Mark Bavaro very pleased.

Giants select Aaron Ross CB/Texas. Jaguars on the clock.

(4:00 p.m.): Keyshawn just quipped that Ross must be good or else he wouldn't have been selected in the first round. Dakota responds with "clearly, he does not remember William Joseph." I don't know who that is, but I am assuming he was selected in the first round and sucked.

(4:02 p.m.): Brady Quinn is not even being mentioned anymore. I really wish they didn't move him to that secret room.

Jaguars select Reggie Nelson S/Florida. Cowboys on the clock.

(4:05 p.m.): Nelson looks like a cross between Tracy Chapman and Doug E. Doug in his ESPN photo. Apparently, he will either be riding to Jacksonville in a bobsled or a fast car.

(4:09 p.m.): Mookie thinks that Ed Werder stole his mustache from Jeff Kent while Dakota wonders what goes through Tony Romo's head when he gets a text message from Werder.

(4:12 p.m.): Dakota is still infatuated with the dynamics of a Tony Romo/Ed Werder text message. Dakota thinks "Do u think ur job is in trouble? BQuinn rocks!" is a possible Werder message to Romo.

(4:13 p.m.): Nashty is trying to call the NFL and draft Brady Quinn himself just so Berman will shut up about him.

(4:15 p.m.): Mookie and I are currently in a debate about whether Mel Kiper likes to bet the trifecta or the quinella at the dog track. I wonder what it is about Kiper that makes us both think he goes to the dog track and not the horse track?

Cowboys trade their pick to the Browns. Browns select BRADY QUINN!!!!. Chiefs on the clock.

(4:18 p.m.): Brady Quinn emerged from the secret room looking about as worn out as Peter North after a 12 hour day on the set.

(4:19 p.m.): After the Quinn pick, Mookie jokes that Charlie Frye just threw a beer can at the T.V. but missed. Mookie is in a joke zone right now. His wit is flying faster than my fingers can type.

(*I am done for the day. Blogging duties have been taken over by Mookie. Part 7 will be coming soon*)

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