Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Joe Morgan Thinks That Cho Seung-Hui is Korean For Imus

I know that what took place in Blacksburg is an absolute tragedy, and I'm not one to make light of it. However, this doesn't stop Joe Morgan, Emmy-winning analyst, from equating killing 32 innocent people to making a bad joke about basketball players.

Dazzle us, Joe:

Morgan: Hopefully this will be a better week for all of us, and baseball will help us move forward in the aftermath of what happened at Virginia Tech. It has not been a good start to the week. I'm concerned because my two daughters will be going to school two years from now. It's almost like the Imus situation; kids and people going to get educated and being hit from the outside with negative comments and threates on their lives. I guess if you're not safe in college, where are you safe?

Seriously, Joe Morgan? You think getting called a "hoe" and getting shot with bullets while you're in class are "almost" alike. I never thought he could analyze anything as bad as baseball, but he ceases to amaze.

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