Monday, April 16, 2007

Follow-up Thought on Blacks in Baseball

The 2000 Census states that 12.3 percent of the United States population is black.

According to the AP, last season 8.4 percent of Major League ballplayers were African American.

Major League Baseball produced this press release 2 years ago, (most recent I was willing to hunt) claiming that 29.2 percent of Major Leaguers were foreign born.

If I'm not retarded, the remaining 70. 8 percent of Major League ballplayers are American born. Now let's see what percent of U.S. born players are black. I think Mrs. Curcio taught me how to do this in middle school. Thinking, thinking... Ah yes! Solve for x. 8.4/70.8=x/100. Cross multiply...8.4 times 100=70.8 times x...840=70.8x...Now isolate the x, by dividing both sides by 70.8...x=11.86

Only 11.86 percent of American born Major Leaguers are black. This is completely unacceptable in a nation where 12.3 percent of the population is black. I'm planning to picket outside of Bud Selig's house, until baseball makes up that .44 percent gap. No Justice! No Peace!

Sarcasm aside, is it stupidity or laziness that prevents the media from covering this angle of the story?


Mookie said...

You're like the white Jason Whitlock

Tremont said...

No, he is the black me