Saturday, April 28, 2007

Live Draft Blog pt. 3

Redskins on the clock.

(1:12 p.m.): The Skins are apparently going to take LarRon Landry. If he is as good as everyone says he is that is going to make for one formidable safety duo. On a separate note, I think the clear draft day winner thus far is Mel Kiper's hair. What a coiffe that is. It must take at least 3 cans of mousse to keep that muskrat in place.

Redskins select LaRon Landry S/LSU. Vikings on the clock.

(1:18 p.m.): If the Vikings don't pick Quinn here it is going to start to get uncomforable. His zit may go nuts on the entire room.

(1:20 p.m.): As LaRon Landry celebrates with his friends and family, Nashty wonders if the lone white guy in the room is LaRon's homeboy or his agent. On a related note, this has to be an all time draft low in draftee family hair weaves. I have only seen one or two good weaves the entire day. Don Imus must be going nuts right now.

(1:22 p.m.): Sports ignorer Frisco just predicted Lawrence Phillips as his draft day sleeper. He then told me to stop bothering him so he can listen to all of his "Dandy Warhol" records in peace.

Vikings select Adrian Peterson RB/Oklahoma. Falcons on the clock.

(1:29 p.m.): What a great pick for the Vikings. I can't believe Peterson fell this far. If he stays healthy, he is going to be deadly. Something tells me, however, that every good knee surgeon in the country is moving to Minnesota right now.

(1:33 p.m.): Trey Wingo and Michael Smith appear to be wearing matching suits in the ESPN studio today. Perhaps they are rushing out of the studio to be background dancers at the Britney Spears comeback concert tonight. Speaking of Britney, is it acceptable to be attracted to her again? She is about three surgeries and two eating disorders away from getting back to her 2002 form. Check out pictures of her from this week here.

(1:37 p.m.): Fatty informs us that his sources tell him that Vick is lobbying for the Falcons to seclect a 110 lb. rottweiler with four years of abuse experience and multiple burn scars.

(1:40 p.m.): Nashty feels that Brady Quinn's girlfriend looks like Ashlee Simpson in the late stages of AIDS. This blog has suddenly turned into

(1:41 p.m.) We all cringe at Berman's "Stump the Schaub" pun. Nashty feels Berman clearly has been preparing that joke for 3 years now.

Falcons select Jamaal Anderson DE/Arkansas. Dolphins on the clock.

(1:47 p.m.) I was in the bathroom for the Falcons pick which led to an extemely confusing conversation with Nashty, where I assumed he was making a joke about the old Jamaal Anderson when he informed me of the Falcons selection. It took at least ten minutes for this confusion to be resolved.

Dolphins select Ted Ginn, Jr. WR/Ohio State. Texans on the clock

(1:52 p.m.): The excitement in the draft room over the Brady Quinn freefall is palpable. Mel Kiper is furious. Ted Ginn is an interesting pick for the Dolphins. If the Dolphins are sold on staying with Culpepper, I probably would have traded down and selected the rights to Barbaro's ACL if I was Miami.

(stay tuned for part 4 in about an hour)

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