Monday, April 30, 2007

Leak Must Think Draft is a Load of B(C)S

BCS MVP and ex-Gator QB Chris Leak was the most notable player not selected in this years NFL Draft. Though he did have the best 10 yard run and hookslide time at the combine, apparently concerns about his size, mobility, arm strength, and overall lack of projectability caused NFL execs pass on the National Champion. After signing with the Bears yesterday, Leak will now have to compete with fellow UF alum Sexy Rexy Grossman aka The Sex Cannon, which may mean a short career for Leak as no one has ever gone into a battle with Rextacy and come out the same. See: Orton, Kyle
Personally, I feel Leak can carve out a nice career as a backup qb. He is a fervent student of the game and spent endless hours at UF studying game film. His Wunderlic score belies his football IQ. At UF he had to learn several different offenses, and despite never being completely comfortable in Urban Meyer's spread offense, Leak proved a very capable game manager who limited his mistakes. While Leak does not possess a JaMarcus Russell type arm, I think he has adequate arm strength and is fairly accurate, especially on intermediate routes. The deep out is a tougher throw for him, but Chad Pennington can attest to the fact that you can be a good NFL quarterback without being able to zip the ball to the sidelines. If Koy Detmer can last in the league for a decade, I see no reason that Leak can't hang around holding a clipboard and making the occasional spot start.

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