Saturday, April 28, 2007

Live Draft Blog pt. 4

Texans on the clock.

(2:02 p.m.) After the Lions pick, SHYD reader AK616 chimes in with this pun: "Calvin and Roddes: The Story of a Man and his Imaginary Lion". AK616 has been put in time out for the next 15 minutes.

Texans select Amobi Okoye DT/Louisville. 49ers on the clock.

(2:06 p.m.) Okoye's family just tripled the total count for hair weaves on the day. Don Imus is relieved.

(2:10 p.m.) The Brady Quinn saga is really dominating the draft. I really don't see him getting picked until the mid 20's at this point. This is the biggest disaster I have seen on ESPN since the Tim Hardaway studio anchor experiment of 2002.

49ers select Partrick Willis LB/Mississippi. Bills on the clock.

(2:20 p.m.) They have apparently moved Brady Quinn into some sort of protection room so he won't go nuts on the crowd for harassing him. This is not a good sign of his ability to deal with a zone blitz.

(2:22 p.m.) Fatty jokes that most teams are apparently not as enamored with Brady Quinn's washboard abs as Chris Mortensen is.

(2:25 p.m.) AK616 attempts to redeem himself with this gem: "Arizona seems really Straussed about that Levi pick."

Bills select Marshawn Lynch RB/California. Rams on the clock.

(2:27 p.m.) After the Bills' pick was announced by Bruce Smith, Fatty ponders what a heated exhange between Smith and Mike Tyson would sound like. I am thinking it would be somewhat similar to when Heidi and Lauren argue on The Hills.

(2:33 p.m.) A commercial was just shown for a new "Bingo" television game show. Nashty wonders if this show is for people who can't follow the confusion of Deal or No Deal. Fatty is curious when the new "Scrabble" game show will come out.

(2:35 p.m.) Brady Quinn hasn't been shown for about 20 minutes now. I am giving 10-1 odds that his girlfriend is going to emerge from the safe room with a bloody nose.

Rams select Adam Carriker DE/Nebraska. Panthers on the clock

(2:40 p.m.): Adam Carriker is white and thus we will never hear from him again.

(2:44 p.m.): The crowd is going nuts. Either the Jets made a trade or Brady Quinn got wedgied by a drunk fan in the bathroom.

Panthers trade their pick to the Jets for a bunch of later round picks. Jets on the Clock.

(2:48 p.m.): Nashty notes that Keyshawn seems extremely relieved that the Panthers didn't pick a wide receiver. Apparently, Keyshawn doesn't want to be a full time commentator just yet.

(2:51 p.m.): Time for another AK616 pun: "Die Hard Niner fans love the Willis pick"

Jets select Darrelle Revis CB/Pitt. Steelers on the clock.

(2:55 p.m.) Jets fans seem pretty pleased with the Revis pick. I don't see how anyone that is on a defense that gives up 52 points to West Virginia every year can possibly be a good NFL player.

(stay tuned for part 5 in about an hour)

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