Saturday, April 21, 2007

Alan Faneca is Fishing For a Raise

You know football season has officially started when the first vastly underpaid Steeler meekly threatens to strike vengeance upon the frugal Steeler ownership. Alan Faneca wants a raise and he is stopping at nothing to get it. In fact, Faneca is so serious, he has boycotted ALL THREE DAYS of this weekend's voluntary workout. Look out MLK Jr., this guy knows how to protest. What Faneca fails to account for is that the Steelers no longer need an all pro guard. They now have former Bucs guard Sean Mahan to anchor that line. Anyone from that Bucs line last year must be awesome. Have fun in Arizona Faneca!!!

*Ostertag Note*
For the love of God, please let Pittsburgh extend the contract of Faneca. They have held their pocketbook this offseason like an 85 year old woman at J.C. Penny's.

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