Monday, April 23, 2007

This Guy Sucks Part II

If you're reading this post during the day, you are probably not very good at your job. Fear not, as you cannot be as bad at what you are paid to do as Will Nieves, back-up catcher for the Yankees. In his his last 3 years, he has had 25 at bats. He has reached base in none of those at bats, including his 15 plate appearances this year. Last night, he was so abysmal that the Yankees had to use their emergency catcher in an April regular-season game. And he's freaking 29 years old (read: not getting any better). Aren't there more than 30 decent catchers in the world? How could a team with a $196,000,000 payroll chose between this douche and Todd Pratt to back-up a 36-year-old Jorge Posada?

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