Friday, April 27, 2007

Something Weird Is Happening in the Lakers/Suns Series

Bill Plaschke has an awkward take on how the Lakers beat the Suns.
"To a man, everybody stepped up and responded to the challenge," Bryant said. That even included Jack Nicholson, for whom the Lakers threw an impromptu birthday party after the first quarter. With the crowd roaring, two Laker Girls walked over to the old guy with a huge sheet cake. Nicholson stuck his finger into the cake, stripped off a huge hunk of icing, and stuck it into his mouth with glee. Which, from that moment forward, is exactly what the Lakers did to the Suns."
So, which Laker stuck which Sun in his mouth with glee? Any guesses?


Kwame Brown said...

Eric Piatkowski was in my mouth and tasted great

JohnnyDakota said...

Special thanks to daily reader, MickO, for the tip and the joke.