Saturday, April 28, 2007

Live Draft Blog pt. 5

Steelers select Lawrence Timmons LB/FSU. Packers on the clock.

(3:00 p.m.): I guess this means the Steelers are sticking with the 3-4 defense for a while. I am not pleased at all. What is the point of hiring Tampa Two expert Mike Tomlin if they are not going to run the Tampa Two.

(3:07 p.m.): Nashty wonders if Brady Quinn has been drafted yet. He can't believe ESPN is not talking about him.

Packers select Justin Harrell DT/Tennessee. Jaguars on the clock.

(3:14 p.m.): Packers fans immediately boo in unison. Welcome to Green Bay Justin.

(3:15 p.m.): After SYHD contributor Johnny Dakota (Dakota) wonders who Justin Harrell is, Fatty responds with, "You don't know him? He's been much harrell'd by NFL experts." I think Fatty and AK616 have some sort of Cyrano de Bergerac trickery going on right now.

(3:17 p.m.): Why is it that black guys are so much better than white guys at tying neckties? Are they born with an instinctive knowledge of the Full Windsor?

(3:21 p.m.): Dakota is frustrated with the slobbering that the ESPN guys are currently doing over Brady Quinn. Dakota jokingly feels that every team should just dump their current QB and take Quinn.

Jaguars trade their pick to the Broncos. Broncos on the clock.

(3:26 p.m.): I could give you more details on the Jags/Broncos trade but we were all distracted by this link discovered by Dakota.

Broncos select Jarvis Moss DE/Florida. Bengals on the clock.

(3:34 p.m.): As the Bengals get ready to pick, Chris Berman runs down the laundry list of arrests the Bengals have had in the last year. Fatty and I both agree that Chris Henry looks like one of the aliens from "Signs".

Bengals select Leon Hall DB/Michigan. Titans on the clock

(3:41 p.m.): The last five minutes have been spent comparing pictures of Chris Henry and Aliens. The resemblance is uncanny.

(3:45 p.m.): Chris Berman just referred to Keyshawn as a surefire hall of famer. Everyone in the SYHD war room laughed at that notion. SYHD editor Mookie feels that Keyshawn is a poor man's Art Monk.

Titans select Michael Griffin S/Texas. Giants on the clock.

(stay tuned for part 6 in about an hour)

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