Saturday, April 28, 2007

Live Draft Blog pt. 1

-(11:57 a.m.): 3 minutes to draft time. A nice tribute to the VT victims prior to the draft is interrupted by a savage booing *(apparently this was a Bruuuuce chant)* of Bruce Smith. Finally, Frank Beamer's goiter settles the crowd down and a moment of silence ensues.

-(12:05 p.m.): SHYD contributor DownrightNashty (Nashty) is very pleased with Brady Quinn's draft day zit. Quinn looks just greasy enough to be an extra in Christopher Moltisanti's "Cleaver" sequel.

-(12:07 p.m.): Nashty wonders if Troy Smith is aware that the CFL draft is still months away

Raiders on the clock

-(12:11 p.m.): SYHD contributor Fat Dizzle (Fatty) insists that the Raiders will not trade their pick and will go with JaMarcus Russell. Fatty is quite frustrated with the inconsistency in ESPN's spelling of JaMarcus and Ja Marcus.

-(12:14 p.m.): Fatty and Nashty both agree that Quinn will be a better pro than Russell. Apparently size, speed, armstrength, and accuracy are not part of their evaluation process.

-(12:18 p.m.): SYHD friend and sports ignorer Frisco feels the Raiders will pick Ryan Leaf with the first pick. It should be noted that Frisco still thinks Gary Carter is the best player in MLB.

Raiders pick JaMarcus Russell QB/LSU. Lions on the clock

-(12:22 p.m.): Russell looks about as excited to be an Oakland Raider as Lance Bass at a strip club .

-(12:26 p.m.): Bucs fan Nashty is begging for a Bucs/Lions trade here to get Calvin Johnson. Sal Paolantonio informs us that the Lions want both Bucs' second round pics for Johnson. Fatty notes that all of this seems to be making the guy at the Lions' desk extremely nauseated.

Lions pick Calvin Johnson WR/GT. Browns on the clock

(stay tuned for part 2 sometime after 1:00 p.m.)

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