Monday, October 1, 2007

The Worst Sports Weekend of My Life

Here is the rundown of the worst sports weekend of my life:

1. The Mets engineered the second biggest collapse in baseball history.

2. The Jets lost to the worst team in the NFL. Thankfully I wasn't around to watch that one. Unfortunately, I was at Shea Stadium instead.

3. The Gators were defeated by Auburn, ostensibly ending their bid for back to back BCS Championships. How improbable is it that a college kicker nails two consecutive 42 yard field goals when extra points are far from a sure thing in the collegiate game.

4. I led two fantasy baseball leagues going into the last game of the season. I won neither, which netted me a loss of approx. $600 in prize money.

Surprisingly, I'm still ticking which is either good news or bad news depending on who you talk to.

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Anonymous said...

and you lost to a much better fantasy football team too