Monday, October 15, 2007

White Guy Dunks From Foul Line

Caucasian junior Joe Alexander threw one down from the foul line at WVU's Midnight Madness this weekend. Alexander has been donned as "Vanilla Sky" by the assuredly proud Mountaineer faithful. Alexander was happy he made the dunk, because if he missed he would have had to buy his girlfriend a hoochie dress to wear on Jeopardy.

*Author's Note* And some dude pulls his pants down in celebration!


Mookie said...

Brent Barry is not impressed.

Jimer said...

Today when I strung together the perfect search terms in the perfect database, clicked get a document, reviwed the caselaw and synthesized the facts and holdings into a brief with a blue book conforming citation, another associate came into my office and pulled his pants down.

Now I understand where he was coming from.

Greg Ostertag Body Spray said...

It's the new high five!!!

Anonymous said...

Black Guy Breaks Backboard

Author's Note: Boeheim has orgasm in celebration.