Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Assessing This Winter's Free Agent Market

Unless you're looking for a centerfielder, the market absolutely stinks. Matt Clement anybody? Here is a list of this winter's free agents and try your best not to hold back your excitement. Unless ARod and Dunn opt out of their contracts (not sure if Dunn is a team or player option) this year's class will only be slightly less underwhelming than last year's.

Random Vegas note:

I was in Vegas this past weekend with Johnny Dakota, Fat Dizzle, Side Salad, and Downright Nashty (sorry Greg Ostertag). True to form I got murdered by various casinos, but there was one fantastic highlight. A VIP room in the club LAX consisted of perhaps the most random grouping pseudo celebrities that could be amassed. In that VIP room- Nicky Hilton, Criss Angel, Wee Man, and...wait for it....wait for it...Jim Lampley. Yes that Jim Lampley. He must be a huge poon hound.

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