Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Last Week Should Have Been Chad's (Penn)ultimate Game

(I am fully aware that the title above is the single worst headline ever written)

The Jets are going nowhere this season with Chad Pennington, a quarterback who is clearly not part of their future. Now is the perfect opportunity to see if Kellen Clemens is the heir apparent. Give Clemens 10 virtually pressure-free games with which to work. Let him make his rookie mistakes in a lost season. If he absolutely stinks on ice, then you know one year sooner that you still lack a franchise QB.

Chicago, Arizona, Minnesota, and Carolina are all playoff contenders that would significantly upgrade their QB position by adding Pennington. A trade should be a slam dunk in this scenario. Instead Coach Mangini is shooting down rumors that any changes are afoot. His loyalty to Pennington more closely resembles Joe Torre's affection for aging veterans than the cold management style modeled by his mentor, Bill Belichick. As both a Yankees and Jets fan, I find this to be a distressing development.

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