Sunday, October 28, 2007

Go Sox Go! Sort of.

Occasional SYHD contributor Nocedog recently texted me with a rather astute observation. He wrote "Your AL/NL obsession is forcing you to be happy the Sox are routing the Rockies". There is an element of truth in this statement. I always root for the American League team in the World Series, only to a far lesser degree when it is the hated Red Sox. This is why I can't buy into the outrage over Rudy Giuliani backing Boston in the World Series.

"Somehow it makes me feel better if the team that was ahead of the Yankees wins the World Series," Giuliani said, justifying his support of the Red Sox, "because then I feel like, well, we're not that bad."

The media is portraying this as an act of high treason, but I don't see it. I have always had the same attitude toward the clubs that beat my team. When the Red Sox stampede the Rockies, it helps make the case that the Yankees would have drubbed them as well.

Besides, I am having a really hard time getting it up to hate the Red Sox nowadays. Manny has completely won me over. I have grown to love everything about the goofy fuck. Big Papi is an undisputedly cool guy. Francona is even more likeable than Joe Torre ever was. The only things that I really still hate about the Red Sox are Curt Schilling, Larry Lucchino, and the Red Sox fans themselves.

So Rudy and I will be tepidly hoping that the Sox sweep the Rockies tonight and I don't think it makes us any less of Yankees' fans.

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