Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sit C.C.

Perhaps I am a moron, well definitely I am a moron, but wouldn't it make sense for the Indians to hold off on throwing C.C. Sabathia until game 6? I know they want to close out the series in Cleveland, but why throw your best pitcher against Josh Beckett when you only need one win? I would throw some scrub out there in game 5, hope for the best, and if you lose head back to Boston with two aces going in games 6 and 7. Even if you lose game 5 and Schilling somehow beats Sabathia in game 6, you have Carmona going against Dice-K in game 7. I would feel pretty good about that if I were the Indians. It just makes sense to me. Then again, watching the Pirates for the last 15 years has left me extremely unprepared to comment on these sorts of things.


Cliff Lee said...

I agree wholeheartedly

Anonymous said...

Ostertag, this is why I won't correct your grammar like I do Tremont's... because your ideas are so stupid they don't warrant any justification. You are a lost cause and don't deserve even a blog, the lowest form of editorial life, as your theoretical outlet.
Any team that can end a series now should attempt to do so.
You suggest the Indians hold their ace in order to avoid this ace from pitching against a proven playoff pitcher; so said ace can face another proven playoff pitcher later in the series just because that other playoff pitcher is older, and because even if you lose with your ace you believe you have an advantage in Game 7 because you perceive your unproven rookie phenom is better than a Japanese rookie phenom?
Any of the next 3 games can be decided by offense, regardless of the starting pitcher. Start your best and you should get your best. Holding back CC only allows the BoSox back in it, and anyone who's been watching the past 6 years knows anything can happen in a Garme 7, even without 2 rookies starting. You keep your foot on the accelerator until you win the race.

- Lance Armstrong

Greg Ostertag Body Spray said...

I agree that conventional wisdom (and probably sanity) would lead one to the exact conclusion you came to. The problem I have with it is that if you lose tonight with your ace on the mound, which I think they will as I believe Josh Beckett is the best big game pitcher in baseball, then you are going back to Boston with absolutely no momentum and you have to throw as your young phenom against a cagy veteran like Schilling. I just think the Sabathia/Schilling &
Carmona/Dice-K matchups are much better for the Indians. I guess if the Indians win tonight I will be proven wrong.