Thursday, October 25, 2007

Little Move May Have Big Impact

Earlier today, the Knicks cut Demetris Nichols, the best shooter on their roster. Nichols was a 2nd round pick this year acquired from Portland on draft night. He had a nice career at Syracuse and a very strong summer league campaing, in which he shot roughly 40% from three point range. He did not see much time this preseason, but last night he scored 10 points in five minutes of play. He sunk two long three pointers and was fouled during a third attempt from beyond the arc. He also drew a foul while making an agressive take to the hole.

Nichols gave the Knicks the one dimension that they sorely lack- a pure perimeter shooter. Quentin Richard shoots a lot of three's, but he's not a great shooter. Jamal Crawford is a chucker, who will have great shooting nights and horrible shooting nights. Marbury doesn't shoot as much from long distance as he used to. With Zach Randolph and Eddy Curry giving the team two legit low post scoring threats, you would think the Knicks would fall all over themselves in an effort to acquire an outside marksmen? Right? Wrong! Instead of keeping Nichols on the team, the Knicks had to use roster spots on complete wastes of sperm like Jared Jeffries and Jerome James. Your respective mothers should have swallowed you. Well done Isiah.

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Terrence Roberts said...

Why would this move have such a significant impact. Nichols is still under contract with the Knicks, meaning if a need for an outside shooter becomes apparent he can always be substituted on the roster.
Besides, D-Nich is a stuttering idiot and not a clutch performer.