Thursday, October 18, 2007

Eight Overrated Ladies from the Eighties (#8)

There were a plethora of female celebrities in the 80s that were not nearly as attractive as they were portrayed in the movies and on television shows. In making this assessment, I am removing hairdos, makeup, and clothing from the equation. Obviously styles change. Instead, I am judging these ladies on standards of beauty that remain relatively constant, but many seem to have ignored at the time.

Without further ado, the 8th most overrated lady of the 80s

8) Danika McKeller (Winnie Cooper)- No I'm not into little girls. I was younger than Winnie Cooper when "The Wonder Years" aired, so I had every right to judge her looks. Young Tremont was not at all impressed and semi-grown up Tremont concurs.

I understand that she was supposed to be "girl next door" cute, but I think she even fails to reach that bar. McKeller is really quite an odd looking chick. Faces as big as hers belong on eskimos, character actors in mob films, and Don Zimmer. Such a mug has no business on a supposedly adorable little girl. (Ione Skye, who just missed the cut for this list, suffered a similar problem) Listen, I struggle to squeeze into a 7 3/4 baseball cap. If I am taken aback by the size of someone's head, there is a problem. Also her Tracy McGrady-esque droopy eyes are slightly off-putting.

Winnie Cooper was supposed to be a 7 or an 8. She should have been played by a girl with looks on par with a little girl version Lea Thompson. In actuality McKeller was about a 4. The only thing that saves her from the top 3 of my list is that she wasn't presumed to be drop-dead gorgeous.


Jimer said...

I've said it once, and I will say it again, Kevin is a schmuck for not hooking up with Madelyn when he had the chance.

I hope this feature doesnt fizzle out like the Rasheed and Haiku.

Tremont said...

I'll do these at a rate of 2 per week and finish it up within a month.

Anonymous said...

You're dissing Danica? Why do you hate America, you godless communist?

stranger said...

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