Monday, October 22, 2007

Be My Valentine

Today Hank Steinbrenner shot down rumors that Bobby Valentine was on the Yankees' short list of managerial candidates. This is a little disappointing, as I had just warmed to the notion that Bobby V was the man for the job.

He did an underrated job managing the Mets from '96 to '02. During that stretch he received reliable production from 2 positions on the diamond; catcher and wherever Edgardo Alfonzo played. His outfields were a revolving door of aging veteran mediocrities and youngsters destined for three years. He slopped together half-way decent pitching staffs out of some seriously mediocre arms. Take a look at that 2000 roster. In retrospect, did that squad have any business being in the World Series?

Valentine was basically done in by Mo Vaughn and Roberto Alomar immediately turning from perennial All-Stars to has-beens the moment they modelled those hideous orange and blue jerseys at their press conferences. They won only 75 games in 2002, Valentine's last season with the Mets. They wouldn't win that many games again for another 3 years. Obviously Bobby V. was not the problem.

For what it's worth, he has already proven he can handle the pressures of New York. I think this aspect of the job is a bit overblown. It sounds like the New York fans media jerking themselves off. However, I'll admit that managing a team in NYC is probably marginally harder than managing the same team in St. Louis.

Bobby Valentine may be a bit of an arrogant ass, but the guy can clearly manage. He should at least be part of the discussion for the Yankees' managing job, if for no other reason than to see that fake 'stache again.

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