Sunday, October 7, 2007

Torre Treats Relievers like His Father Treated His Mother

Joe Torre never ceases to amaze. As if to showcase the necessity of the Joba Rules to the rest of the world, Torre is pitching Chamberlain for two innings in a 5 run game. Phil Hughes had been dealing in 3 2/3 innings of relief of Roger Clemens. Hughes did throw 63 pitches, but he is a starter. He surely could have pitched the 7th inning. It's not like Hughes is going to be available again until Wednesday anyway. Yes, this is a must win game. However, if the Yankees survive tonight, tomorrow's game will be equally important. Why is Torre wasting his second best reliever's bullets in a borderline blowout?

(As I wrote this, Joba's velocity dropped about 3 or 4 MPH in his second inning of work and he surrendered a run. This does not bode well for his ability to pitch effectively tomorrow. This type of bullpen mismanagement is why I still say "Joe must go"!)

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