Sunday, October 28, 2007

Eight Overrated Ladies of the Eighties (#6)

6) Jackee- There is no accounting for taste. This cliche applies twenty-fold for African Americans. The successes of Tyler Perry and Soulja Boy are testament to that fact. That is the only explanation I can offer for Jackee's '80s sex symbol status.

White readers, don't feel guilty for chuckling at this post. I am well-known for (in so far as I am well-known for anything) my fascination with black chicks. It was once said that I have "an insatiable lust for ebony women". So when I say that Jackee was very average looking, I am speaking from a position of strength.

She certainly wasn't a bad looking woman. However I can't understand why, on 227, every man that came within shouting distance of Jackee would instantly become smitten. Many would turn into stuttering fools in her presence. The most eligible black bachelors in Washington tripped over one another in pursuit of her. Give me a break. Sure she had a nice rack. She also gave off the vibe that she was an easy lay. Ultimately, though when it came to business time, I seem to remember Jackee being a total prude.

She was a totally doable broad, but there was no reason for anyone to go gaga over her.


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