Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Don't Mess With New Jack

I recently stumbled across this fantastic site called Wrestling Gone Wrong. It's chock full of wrestlers blowing spots and promos as well as announcing and production gaffes. It also features a wrestler named New Jack literally almost killing four different people and purposely breaking the leg of a fifth. I suggest you watch the following clips with sound for the full effect as well as New Jack's commentary on a few of the incidents. I know there are a lot of clips, but I you will need to click on all of them to get a full perspective of the utter insanity that is New Jack.

The first two clips involve a feud New Jack had with Vic Grimes. This first video documents Grimes blowing a spot off of a 20 foot balcony causing both New Jack and Grimes to fall awkwardly off the balcony. The 300+ lbs Grimes landed on New Jack's head causing New Jack nerve damage and permanent blindness in his right eye.

This obviously didn't sit well with the psychotic New Jack. The two would meet a little over a year later in a scaffold match. While up on the 40 ft scaffold, New Jack tasered Grimes and proceeded to toss him off said scaffold with the intent to kill him. In the commentary a remorseless New Jack openly admits that he wanted to kill Grimes by throwing him onto the ring post. Grimes narrowly missed the post and came out of the ugly looking spill with only a dislocated ankle and some other minor injuries. Click here for the clip of that incident.

Despite an attempted murder, New Jack continued to get booked in indie federations across the country, thus affording him the opportunity to try to kill other wrestlers. In this next clip, New Jack legitimately beats on a 70 yr old local wrestler and crowd favorite Gypsy Joe with a chain and bat wrapped in barbed wire amongst other weapons. But that's not all. Let's watch New Jack stab his opponent 14 times with a shiv.

In this clip New Jack decides to teach Chad Austin, a wrestler who was unpopular in the locker room, a lesson by breaking his leg via multiple steel chair shots. Oh, and did I mention he was sued for blading this guy and rupturing two arteries in his forehead.

Needless to say New Jack is the coolest wrestler of all time.

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Jimer said...

Does New Jack have anymore eligibility left? The Gators are a little thin at DT and could use his intensity.