Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I agree with Tremont's take on this trade 100%. Omar Minaya absolutely fleeced the shit out of Twins' GM Bill Smith. The Mets just acquired the best pitcher in baseball, in his prime, for a bunch of prospects from a low ranked farm system AND didn't even have to give up their best prospect, Fernando Martinez. This deal is akin to the Red Sox trading for Pedro in his prime (though there are eerie similarities to the Frank Viola trade). Johan is going to run through the National League like a White Castle Ten Sack runs through my intestines. Shea is a pitchers park and depresses home runs for the first few months of the season. I would surprise if Santana has an ERA under two at by the beginning of June.

Here are some more quick thoughts on the move:

-The Mets now have the best rotation in baseball and have to be considered the favorites in the NL.

-This acquisition goes a long way to remove the awful taste in the mouths of fans resulting from last year's collapse.

-Both Humber and Mulvey would kill to have the career of the white Bobby Jones. Guerra is a crapshoot. Projecting young pitchers is incredibly difficult. He might be good one day, but his pedestrian K/9 ratio in A ball never really excited me. I don't see the 30hr potential in Gomez that some scouts were touting. He never put up power numbers in the minors, has poor strike zone recognition, and has a loopy swing with a lot of holes. No big loss.

-Johan neutralizes the Phillies two top bats, Howard and Utley, and hopefully those asshole Phillies fans are shitting themselves right now.

-The Mets now have a starter who can pitch deep into games, thus alleviating bullpen's workload. Not having a pitcher who could get through 5 or 6 innings absolutely killed the Mets down the stretch last season as the bullpen was completely worn thin.

-The Mets essentially replaced Glavine with Pedro and added Santana. Not too shabby.

-Is it too early to start dreaming about signing Mark Teixeira next offseason?

-If the Mets don't sign Santana to an extension, I would seriously have to think about giving up on the Mets once and for all.

-With apologies to Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter, this will go down as the best trade in the history of the franchise.


Jeff Borris said...

How about we sign a power bat to platoon with our corner OFs - the aging and injury prone Alou and the inconsistent and underachieving Church - who would compliment Endy Chavez's speed and defense...


Mookie said...

Thanks Zo, for stealing my nextpost, which we had previously discussed.

jeff borris said...

Try again, Fuckmook

Agent Sands said...

How about trading for Jason Bay? Ship Church plus, well I don't know who else, that's Omar's job.