Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lupic-on Somone Your Own Size

Apparently New York Daily News writer/Sports Reporters panelist Mike Lupica is a real jerk. He's been responsible for several talented writers leaving the Daily News and more or less gave Jason Whitlock the boot off of the aforementioned Sports Reporters. Now Lupica's selfishness has essentially alienated DN sports columnist writer Lisa Olson. Now, at first I agreed with former Patriots Victor Kiam, that Olson was a was a real rabblerouser and a "classic bitch" for trying to get interviews in a NFL locker room. In recent years though, Olson has shown herself to be a capable little writer. That sentence was purposefully condescending, but she is readable, which is saying a lot for a sports journalist.

Our three New York readers might agree with this- Lupica's time at Newsday resembled Ric Flair's first run in the WWF. Lupica had been a long time stallwart and featured columnist at the News. Newsday brought him in, promoted him heavily, and annointed him their featured columnist as well. But the two were never really a great fit and after about two years, Lupica left Newsday to return to the news.

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