Tuesday, January 8, 2008


A while back I told you of the Marist/Siena women's volleyball game that was being aired on ESPNU. Well last night "The U" featured an event so obscure that it made the aforementioned volleyball match seem like the World Cup finals. At least I was aware that there is a sport called volleyball. I had even heard tell that women play it in college.

I can't say the same for timbersports. I had seen lumberjack competitions at 3:oo in the morning on ESPN 2, but never even knew that they were referred to as "timbersports". I certainly had no clue that it was a NCAA sanctioned sport. Last night, Washington State competed against some Tennessee college with a lot of cardinal directions in its name, in a battle of wood chopping, log rolling, and stump climbing.

Tune into the U tonight as heated Southland Conference rivals McNeese State and Central Arkansas compete in lawn-care sports. Vegas says it's a pick 'em. If the old cliche "styles make fights" holds true we could be in for a classic. Personally I don't think Central Arkansas's dominance in sodding will be enough to make up for McNeese State's slight edges in fertilizing, weeding, and mowing. Others disagree. I guess that's why they play the games.

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