Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Nobody F**ks with the Jesus!

As a Catholic and a human being, I am personally appalled by Dana Jacobson's outrageous "F**k Jesus" joke at the Mike and Mike roast. We must be tolerant of each other's religions. If anyone should realize that it should be a good-for-nothing dreidle spinner.

But seriously, folks. I rarely defend my own religion (primarily because I don't believe a single word of it), but can you imagine if Jacobson said "F**k Mohammed" instead of Jesus? Thousands of Muslims would make it their life's work to help her lose ten ugly pounds.

P.S. I feared that some of you Philistines wouldn't understand my last sentence. It is a reference to the old joke "You wanna lose ten ugly pounds? Cut off your head." Combine the fact that Dana Jacobson's jaw is the envy of Evander Holyfield and that all Muslims behead at the slightest insult and you have a finely crafted joke.

P. P. S. Did I overexplain? God damn it. I'm always doing that. I don't know why I always feel the need to sit here in my ivory tower, atop my high horse, each of his legs on a soapbox and act like I'm so superior. I should respect you, the SYHD reader, far more.

P. P. P. S. Naaaaaah. Being that I personally know most of my readers, my feelings of superiority are well-founded. By and large you're dullards. I run no risk of overexplaining the most basic knock-knock joke for many of you.


jimer said...

Thanks for the explanation, the denouncement of the explanation and the reaffirmation of the explanation.You couldn't have scripted a religious take any better.

Self-Aggrandizing bloggers are assholes said...

What's a knock-knock joke?

That Dutch Guy said...

I hope you're confident and ready to explain to whatever nutjub Muslim finds that post on Hajigoogle that you were HYPOTHESIZING what WOULD happen IF someone said Eff Mohammed, and that you yourself were not saying Eff Mohammed.
They would love to have that huge melon of yours as a trophy.