Friday, January 11, 2008

Hail to the Chiefs pt. 2

Since Mookie's previous post comparing Presidential candidates to vaious sports figures has become the biggest internet phenomenon since tubgirl (we got two comments on it, which is pretty huge for us. Granted both comments were made by SYHD contributors.), I have decided to expand upon the previous list to include some of the remaining candidates.

Before I get to my list, I have three comments on Mookie's list. First, the Clinton/Manning comparison is terrific. Second, if you are going to choose a half... decent NFL head coach to compare Obama to, I would have went with Tony Dungy. Both have the ability to gain the respect and admiration of their opponents. And both, unlike Edwards, seem relatively competent. Finally, I have a small disagreement with the McCain/Wallace comparison. I agree with the comparison in principle, but disagree with the assertion that McCain has began to toe the Republican party line. He may be framing certain issues differently to gain a nomination, but his recent stances on immigration and environmental issues are certainly not winning him any points with staunch conservatives. Nonetheless, here are my selections.

John Edwards/Anthony Smith

John Edwards famously promised at the 2004 Democratic Convention to make Christopher Reeve walk again. Anthony Smith infamously guaranteed a Steeler vicotry over the Patriots. Christopher Reeve is now dead and the Patriots murdered the Steelers throwing numerous touchdowns over Anthony Smith's head.

Fred Thompson/Reggie Bush

Both entered their respective fields with high expectations. Neither have delivered. Both have been rumored to have many a sexual tryst with various Hollywood poon.

Mitt Romney/Alex Rodriguez

Both seem nauseatingly stereotypical. Both seem to try way too hard to get people to like them. Both are always in the hunt but come up short at the most crucial times.

Alan Keyes/Gilbert Arenas

Both are either batshit crazy or complete geniuses. Both have at one time sported impeccable baby blowouts as a hairstyle.

Ron Paul/Rich Rodriguez

Ron Paul has taken the principles of free market capitalism and applied them to a quasi-utopian system of government for America. Rich Rodriguez took the principles of the wishbone option and applied them to a modern spread offense. Both are either way ahead or way behind their times. Neither, in my opinion, are complete or sane enough to be viable.

Rudy Giuliani/Larry Brown (Cowboys DB)

Larry Brown made his legacy intercepting two passes in Super Bowl XXX. Giuliani made his legacy by being the mayor of New York City on 9/11. Neither really had anything to do with adopting their legacies. Larry Brown happened to be standing where Neil O'Donnell inexplicably threw two horrible passes. Giuliani happened to be mayor when two planes flew into the World Trade Center.

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