Thursday, January 24, 2008

Shame on you America! Shame! Shame!

When was it decided that Maria Sharapova was the sex figure of this generation? Has anyone taken a look at this woman? Sure, I will give you that there is a fetish like attractiveness to her size and grunting ability. But that midget in Total Recall was kind of intriguing too. Sharapova's WTA specs list her as 6'2'' and 130lbs. I would bet my life that she is not a pound under 160. This monster is supposed to be the heir apparent to Anna Kournikova? I really think people are forgetting how ridiculously hot Anna Kournikova was. She was a once in a lifetime looker. To mention Sharapova and her Zach Thomas-like shoulders in the same sentence with Kournikova is an insult. AN INSULT I TELL YOU!!! Sharapova does not have lips for god's sake!! And don't give me this crap about how Sharapova is sexier because she actually wins tennis tournaments. Who cares? Lindsay Davenport wins tennis tournaments, but I don't fantasize about bedding her.

*I urge all of you to watch the Australian Open finals and tell me that Sharapova is even in the same league as Ana Ivanovic, let alone Kournikova. This Sharapova stuff is a travesty. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!*


Mookie said...

Between Tremont's crush on Federer and your crush on Ivanovic, this is going to turn into a tennis blog and reduce our daily readership from 5 people to 1.

Mel Martinez said...

Maria please give me
Fifty kisses. Fifty, because
That's also my IQ.

*The extra syllable is for my extra flat head. Hnaw, shee!

Tremont said...

I just blog search of Federer and his name has turned up thrice in my nearly 10 months of posts. In two of those 3 posts he was only mentioned in passing.

Mookie, you have referenced him twice in your posts.

only absolutely said...

Watch her play--- but anyway I think it's mostly holdover from winning Wimbledon in 2004. Was she even 18 yet?

F.W. DeClerq said... took GOBS side of the argument, but just barely...

But as seems like is always the case, I disagree completely, not so much because Sharapova is so beautiful, but because Ivanovic is so ordinary.