Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Shred of Dignity

The Rich Rodriguez saga simply will not end in West Virginia. The Charleston Gazette reported today that prior to Fraudriguez's departing for Michigan, he and one of his assistant coaches took all of the files on their current players and recruits and destroyed them in a paper shredder. The assistant coach in question is University of Michigan's new video coordinator Dusty Rutledge, who amazingly looks a lot like Dusty Rhodes (actually, he looks like Dusty Rhodes and Philip Seymour Hoffman had a kid, then fed the kid for 30 straight years until he weighed 450 pounds). Anyway, there were apparently some witnesses who saw the less than discreet Rutledge shredding the documents. Rodriguez never was any good at disguising his plays.

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Chris Matthews said...

Did the Titans just fire WV's next head coach? Who am I kidding, Barak has a better chance of carrying West Virginia in November than a chinaman leading the Mountaineers.