Tuesday, January 22, 2008

NFL Rules Question

The Ostertag family has long had a debate about the two feet inbounds for a reception rule in the NFL. What happens if a wide receiver catches a pass in the middle of the endzone standing on one leg and never moves? He just stands there like a statue on one leg for eternity. Is it ever a catch?

Moreover, is the rule that you must have two feet down inbounds or just all of your available feet? Specifically, what if there were a one legged wide receiver? Would he ever be able to successfully catch a pass in the NFL? If not, wouldn't that violate the Americans With Disabilities Act?

If not, and the rule was that each receiver had to get all of his feet inbounds, thus allowing for a one legged fella to catch a pass, would Greg Olsen then have to get all three of his legs down? I don't think the FCC would approve of that.


Tremont said...

I guess the one-legged receiver would have to either stutter-step with his one leg or drop his whole body to the ground.

Can a one-legged man be eliminated from the Royal Rumble?

Greg Ostertag Body Spray said...


jimer said...

Your hypos and rhetorical questions are killing me.