Monday, January 14, 2008

Movie Pitch #1

The screenwriters strike has lasted long enough. I am more than willing to be a scab, as the writers' plight is not exactly comparable to turn of the century coal miners. Here is my first pitch to Hollywood.

Zac Efron and Sean Connery are college roomates at an undisclosed state university in the Northeast. Large deposits of gold are found in the hills near San Francisco, prompting a new California gold rush. Tempted by the promise of fortune, Sean and Zac drop out of school and fly out to the west coast on the back of a birdman played by Michael Clarke Duncan. On their journey Duncan delivers the type of homespun words of caution about the trappings of wealth that only 50+ year old black people can offer. Foolishly Connery and Efron ignore him and become rich beyond their wildest dreams. They allow a gold digging woman, (played by Kate Beckinsale) to get in between them. They lose both their fortune and and their friendship.

I don't have a working title for the screenplay yet. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

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