Monday, January 7, 2008

Roger and McNamee

What a surreal conversation! Much like the 2-years-too-late birds and bees talk my father tried to give me, there was a whole lot of beating around the bush. There's so much strange stuff here. Where to begin? I suppose the beginning is usually the best place to begin.
  • "Rocket". "Mac". "What's up buddy?" "What's hap'nin?" Imagine you're Roger Clemens. You have employed for Brian McNamee for 10 years, probably making him a semi-rich man. You have basically allowed him to become part of your family. Then he besmirches your reputation with false accusations that make you FRONT page national news for the first time in your illustrious career. He has possibly ended your chances of being elected to the Hall of Fame and led America to believe that the last 40% of your career was a fraud. Are you going to calmly start your next conversation with this man with "Mac" and "What's hap'nin?". I'm pretty sure I would unleash a stream of profanity that would make a Tourettes sufferer uncomfortable.
  • Clemens and McNamee go on to discuss McNamee's apparently terminally ill child. McNamee states "It's real man. Everything else is a joke." Everything? Really Brian? My reputation? Is that a joke?
  • About 20 seconds later Roger Clemens says "Everybody asks me about you and I tell them. I treat you like I treat anybody else in the world. I think you know that. I treated you just like anybody else." What a guy! You treat a man largely responsible for your ability to stay dominant into your mid-40s (legitimately or otherwise) the same way you treat a stranger. I could never see somebody holding a grudge about that.
  • McNamee passionately pleads with Clemens "Tell me what you want me to do" several times. At no point does Clemens scream "Tell the fucking truth you shitcunt." How is this possible?
  • Clemens whines "Mac, I'm doing a press conference on Monday". McNamee volunteers "Do you want to show up?" Clemens basically ignores this offer and plows through with the rest of his thought. He doesn't say "Yes, show up. Exonerate me." How could he pass up this opportunity?
  • The most puzzling thing about the whole conversation is that Clemens repeatedly states that he didn't do it. And McNamee doesn't call him out on his bullshit? Really odd.


Peter Griffin said...

"Beating around the bush." Hee hee.

downrightnashty said...

Moreover, I think people are largely ignoring the fact that Clemens attorney admitted he was present during the taped conversation. I can envision about 15 attorneys huddled up in Clemens' den feeding him line after line like a hostage negotiator telling a mother what to say to the kidnapper next.

Mixed up idiom guy said...

When push comes to worst the truth will come out