Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ghosts Stink

I don't have any respect for ghosts. They are easily the dullest of mankind's superstitions. Freed from time and monetary restrictions, they chose to spend eternity lingering around their childhood homes or the place of their death. If I were a ghost I would be jet-setting around the world, doing all the stuff that my limited resources wouldn't permit me to do in life. Next time you are confronted by an apparition, let him know that you refuse to allow yourself to be afraid of such a crushing bore.


Greg Ostertag Body Spray said...

Perhaps those ghosts you speak of are only a small percentage of the ghost population. They are probably the ones we hear about the most because the other ghosts are busy doing awesome afterlife activities, so they don't have the time to arbitrarily haunt future residents of their abode. I would probably be one of those lazy ghosts. I pretty much just sit around the house now and annoy people who live with me. I don't see that changing after I die.

Dr. Peter Venkman said...

we'd be out of business if this post was true... perhaps you should check out some of our documentaries on saving new york from these dull apparitions