Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What if?

-What if you became a sportswriter next year? The Dallas Cowboys go 10-6 and earn a wild card spot in the playoffs. All ten of their wins came on game winning field goals of over 55 yards by Nick Folk. One of the game winning kicks measures 71 yards. Other than the 10 game winning kicks he has an average season, making a total of 19 out of 26 field goals. Would you vote for him for MVP?

-What if you became the next coach of the Miami Dolphins? Prior to the season Jason Taylor told you that he guarantees he will have 45 total sacks during the year. You know that this is going to be true. The only way it could happen though is if you let Taylor be your punter. He has to make every punt for the Dolphins. He is a fairly poor punter. He will average around 28 yards per punt. If you do not let him punt he will just have a typical Jason Taylor season at defensive end. Do you let him become the punter?

-What if you became GM of an NFL expansion team? There is a quarterback in the draft who only you know about. He is an unbelievable talent. You know for sure that if you draft him he will lead your team to a perfect 16-0 regualr season. There is no doubt about it. Unfortunately, he practices an extreme religion that prevents him from playing football in January or February. You will have to let a different quarterback lead your team in the playoffs. Do you draft him?