Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tremont: Closet Fashionista

I apologize in advance for going all Vogue Magazine on you with this post, but over the past 10 to 12 years, fashion has remained remarkably stable. SYHD contributor Nocedog has been trying to convince me of this for a while and I am finally convinced. I am watching an ER rerun from 1998 and none of the characters look egregiously out of style. There is not a single dated haircut or article of clothing. Nobody would bat an eye if the same episode was filmed today.

There has not been this much fashion inertia, over such an extended period of time, since at least the mid-fifties. I'm not saying this is either good or bad, it just is.

I will now attempt to reattach my testicles.


Mookie said...

I hope Polo shirts tucked into short khaki shorts stay in style forever or else it will be time for a new wardrobe.

Side Salad said...

Khaki shorts? I tuck my Polos into mesh shorts.

Mookie said...

Polo shirts? Don't you mean old fraternity shirts?

side salad said...

Yes, but on game days I pull out my finest polo shirt.